Collaborative Document Management




Capital and maintenance projects are inherently complex. A typical project is comprised of numerous companies, scores of team members, thousands of documents and countless emails. This intricate web of people and documents frequently results in communication failures and inadequate collaboration, leading to jeopardized schedules, increased costs and unhappy clients.

By streamlining the process of distributing project documentation, project teams can create the collaboratively controlled environment necessary to run on-time, profitable projects.


Inform Your Team

Surface Document Status and Issues

Thorough reports and dashboards

Streamline your review, approval and distribution processes

Provide Correspondence Management

Including integration with Microsoft Outlook

Distribute the Latest Project Documents

To the extended project team

Configurable WORKFLOW for streamlining review

and approval processes

Sound Familiar?

Project Manager

I’m contractually obligated to turn RFI’s around on time. I can’t afford to waste time dealing with the headaches of finding, sharing and coordinating the information. We need to focus on the actual review process.

Document Controller

Email is still the number one communication method on our projects, but we have no easy way to connect all those emails back to project documents and workflows.

Program /Document Coordinator

We are the owners of the project; yet, we don’t have full visibility into what’s going on. We need a single repository we can count on to hold the latest, most accurate project documentation.